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About Us

Fostering Innovations was established in September 2014 and operationalised in September 2016. We aim to provide fostering services to children and young people who are in need as outlined within the Children Act, 1989 and from the statutory guidance, regulations and National Minimum Standard of 2011. We have a clearly laid out vision, mission statement and business plan which explains how we intend to undertake and fulfil our business and practice ethos.

The team

The team of the organization are experienced and trained social workers who have worked from the field level to the management. This highlights their core understanding of issues that underpins the child and adult care services and the standards to provide good quality care services.


We are harnessing the strength of families, carers, communities and organizations to unconditionally support and encourage children and young people to achieve their full potential.


Fostering Innovations began out of the desire to contribute to the society. Throughout the United Kingdom there are many thousands of children that need to be looked after within foster families. Our commitment to them is that we will find the best people around to look after them and keep them safe.


Together we are creating a world where every young person is raised by people who care; where communities flourish because we help young people build lives full of opportunity and choice.

Fostering Innovations


Fostering Innovations depends on foster families (single or partnered) to share their homes and offer a caring and safe environment for children and young people who are vulnerable and in need. In addition carers must have a sophisticated understanding of what it means to be looked after and be corporately parented.

We’ll continually update our children’s guide based on the feedback from the children and foster carers. Fostering Innovations aims to be an inclusive agency that listens to people and wherever possible appropriately modifies its services to be more responsive to individual needs.

We aim to be respectful and professional in all our dealings and will value diversity in all its forms as strength. We will ensure that the values we want to promote are embedded within our policies and training so that everyone involved in the agency are able to provide the best possible support to young people. We will approve carers whom we feel will reflect the agency’s ethos. The Directors will always meet any new carer, so that we have a personal knowledge of all carers and can maintain a good overview of the consistency and quality of the service.

Child psychologist talking to girl kid in office

Philosophy of Fostering Innovations We chose the name Fostering Innovations as we feel it signifies creativity, positivity and hope for the future. No matter how much adversity a child has had to contend with, lives and future prospects can be turned around and enhanced. Young people who are ‘looked after’ will be involved in the planning and decision making regarding the care they receive from their foster carers through regular consultation on one to one basis as well as quarterly children’s consultation meetings.

Our values

  • Aspirational: by helping others to grow, we grow ourselves.
  • Passionate: we are determined to keep improving what we do. We will ambitiously pursue the best outcomes for everyone we work with.
  • Engaged: we want to listen well and respond quickly to the people we work with – children and young people, their birth families, careers, our staff and supporters.
  • Fair and equitable: we will be open and transparent, communicating what we do and why we do it, based on equality and respect for all.

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